Quest For Strength Sculpt In Progress by Cindy McClure (10)


  1. I’ve been looking for this doll everywhere!!! Any suggestions? I never see one on ebay.

    • cindy

      This doll was a very limited edition and is extremely hard to find. The last on we sold went for over $600. My best suggestion would be to keep watching for one.

    • Connie Bredemann

      Hi Roxanna, I have a QUEST FOR STRENGTH I had purchased on E-Bay, but the guy I bought her from found her in a storage shed auction.

      She is in perfect condition except she is missing her rock base and
      a few of the feathers are missing from her arrows and a couple on her outfit.

      He said he must have thrown the rock base away not knowing what it was. ( what a shame ).

      Otherwise she is mint. Comes with her bow, quiver and arrows headband etc. The quiver is in excellent condition.

      NO BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If you are interested please let me know. I wanted to keep her and see if I could find someone to make a rock base for her, but have decided to sell her. Thanks for your time.


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