From the Legendary Bride Series: “Guinevere” An Original Sculpt from the Artist Edition by Cindy McClure 2003 RARE


  1. hmm, i love the website layout. I can never find a proper designer? Its really stylish.

    • cindy

      Thank you for the compliment. We are very happy also, the company we used was fast, very professional and best of all were very reasonable. The company name is at the lower left corner of our website, we worked specifically with Vikash. We submitted our website purposal on Elance for bids and chose this company; a good way to go!

  2. Great blog! I just added it to my favorites!

  3. Would you mind post this to one of my sites on this subject? I’d link back to the original, of course. Email me what you think. :)

    • cindy

      Please provide us the link to the site you are requesting permission for first. Thank you!

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